Friday, October 21, 2011

8 Days Before France

My newly organized trays of pastel. Ahh, much better!
Well, I am very excited about my upcoming trip to say the least.  That said,  I am drinking that excitement with a nervousness chaser. My friend Wendy suggested that perhaps the nervousness was really excitement masquerading as uneasiness. She could be right. I do seem to have a smile pasted on my face more frequently than usual.

The suitcase in the bedroom has many items that are making the trip with me strewn around it. I have made my hotel and car rental arrangements. Still finalizing the car rental since the GPS is costing a fortune. Trying to get the costs a bit more manageable. I have been busily gathering my supplies. My original plan was to pack very light until I realized that I wanted to bring some painting supplies as well as my pastels. So, the suitcase is getting heavier and heavier. UGH! I have a 50 pound weight limit on my checked bag and I just found out that my carry-on is way too big for the Air France requirements. So, I went to TJ Maxx (arguably my favorite store) and bought a really cute carry-on. My pastel box fits inside just fine with room for my camera, iPad and a change of clothes.

When stressed, I procrastinate by cleaning and straightening things. I think it is my vain attempt to gain control of my life even while realizing that none of us really has any measure of control.

As a result of a bit of a cleaning frenzy, I spent an entire day cleaning and organizing my large pastel trays in my studio. This was a task that was long overdue. I am always shocked to see how many pastels that I have and also to realize the many duplicates of colors. I seem to be the Imelda Marcos of pastels. I have included a photograph of the recently cleaned trays above so you can see that I am not exaggerating.

I intend to bring my pastel case on the plane with me, and with that in mind I have cleaned out the case and loaded it with the colors that I think that I will need the most. I know that I will get there and find that that perfect color and value is missing from the box. I am told that the pastels look like little bullets when they pass through the x-ray scanner. This guarantees that my bag will be searched. From my understanding, the cases are always opened and pastel usually goes flying prior to the flight. Not looking forward to that possibility. I will also take several pieces of paper mounted to board with me and check the rest. I will keep you posted on my adventure. Here are my supplies laid out and ready to be loaded into my carry-on and checked baggage.

I will be blogging while in France. Au revoir!

My cleaned pastel box and acrylic supplies

My almost fully loaded pastel case.

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