Thursday, November 17, 2011

Common Ground

It's funny... growing up in the Jewish tradition in West Virginia definitely landed me in the minority. That experience colors who I am every day of my life. Everyone responds to their circumstances differently, and of course I am no exception. As a result of my "people person" nature, I am always looking for the common ground. I think that the book "The Faith Club" spoke to me so eloquently because the pages illustrated the power of finding the common ground within very different cultural experiences. I digress a bit here to explain a little about "The Faith Club" because I so enjoyed this book of nonfiction. Written by 3 women raised within the different Abrahamic faiths, the book was inspired by the tragic events, and the subsequent grief, after 9-11. These women came together to discuss their differences, but also to explore their similarities. Strangers at the beginning, they became very close friends as a result of their common aspirations for themselves and the people closest to them. The book gave me faith in human nature when my confidence was flagging. I read it several years ago, but it inspires me still. You can find out more about this book and the authors by going to

What I didn't realize until coming here was that I even search for the common ground visually. It must be my way of placing myself in unfamiliar surroundings. I panicked when I considered making paintings of the charming, but imposing stone buildings of Dinan. I will tackle that subject from the comfort of my familiar studio. While here, I will look to the common ground for my inspiration. Will the paintings look like France, I doubt it. Will they look like the landscape that speaks to my soul, absolutely!

I have included photos of two of the paintings that I have completed while here. Since I am waxing poetic about common ground, and since we all love food, I am including a photo of a terrific salad that I consumed the other day... enjoy!

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