Tuesday, November 1, 2011


The title of this post says it all. We have made it! The flight was uneventful even though Air France personell went on strike the day before our trip. I was impressed with the service and even the food served onboard.Our intenerary indicated that we would be served breakfast on the seven-and-a-half hour trip. Instead, we received dinner and a light breakfast. I am accustomed to picking up some horrible airport food pre-flight. Imagine my surprise when a fairly tasty meal arrived complete with a bottle of red wine. The Airbus 380 is huge, so the cabin was not claustrophobia- inducing even with over 500 people onboard. Sarah and I arrived tired, but pleased that our bags journeyed with us, got the rental car and headed out. I was the driver while Sarah navigated. Our GPS seemed to be working fine until we got off on the incorrect exit and ended up driving around Paris for an hour. Somehow the GPS magically inserted another address for our destination which only became apparent to the two of us when the "finish line" flag came into view on the tiny screen. Apparently, the GPS had different plans than we did. I am grateful that I have driven so much in Washington, D.C. over the years since I was sleep-deprived and driving in Paris. Also grateful that I am a night owl.

Our hotel in Giverny is very French with thin walls but comfortable accomodations. We were able to visit Monet's house and gardens and stroll around the town which is tiny and lovely. Even saw some really nice contemporary art in two of the galleries in town. I guess it goes without saying that our dinner was delicious topped off with our first crepe of the trip.

On a sad note, I can't seem to upload images onto my blogger posts using my iPad. It is a great device with some limitations. I have spent time trying to work around this problem to no avail. Many apologies. I will keep working on this.... Thanks for understanding and reading! Au revoir!

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