Saturday, November 19, 2011

Another Charming Encounter

My friend Sarah went to pick her husband up at the train station in Rennes yesterday and will be spending time with him. Sadly, she is also going to go back home earlier than planned and I will be left to fend for myself. I said that I would do this trip by myself if I had to, but I didn't think that that would actually come to fruition. That said, I think that the solitude will be good for me in advance of returning home.

At midday yesterday, I realized that it may be prudent for me to have lunch out and eat dinner in. It gets dark very early here this time of year and since it is low season, it is a bit too quiet for me to feel comfortable traipsing around by myself at night. If nothing else, the cobble stones are precarious in the daylight, I don't need to be traversing them after dark alone. So, with all that in mind, I walked into town. The sun was shining on a glorious day here in Dinan.

I went to a restaurant that Sarah and I have visited twice already because they have wonderful salads. While waiting for my server to bring my meal, one of the men who works at the restaurant that I recognized from my previous visits swooped over to my table. He grabbed my camera and before I could protest, he indicated with hand movements (no English!) that he wanted to take my picture in the restaurant. Then, for everyone within earshot he announced that I was very beautiful (in French). I didn't buy into it, of course, but still... European men... gotta love 'em!

I am including one of the photographs that he took of me and also a photo from my walk along the beautiful Rance River this morning. The fog was beginning to lift on what would be a lovely, autumn day. The time that I have spent along the river has enchanted me, and the people of Dinan have as well.

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