Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Finding Comfort in the Familiar

This morning was dreary. When Sarah asked what I thought the weather would do, I repeated what my Dad used to say, "If it doesn't rain, it is missing a good chance." I know that I mentioned that I prefer sun. We have been rewarded with beautiful weather for the past 3 days, so there will be no complaints from this end.

I have been troubled a bit with regard to what I should paint. Before coming here I was afraid I would find no inspiration. Once here, I have had the opposite problem. There is so much that is stunning. Interestingly, however, I find that I am drawn to the river which is what I am drawn to at home.

Prior to leaving home, I took photographs of the paths near my house so that I could look at those scenes in case I should miss them. I looked at them just last night, in fact. Of course, we take ourselves wherever we go, so I have gravitated to the path across the street from the house in which I am living. This path follows the Rance and is gorgeous in all sorts of weather. Today, a walk was in order. Sarah headed for the city and I headed for the path by the river. I took my iPhone to listen to music and also to take pictures if something presented itself, which it always does. In fact, I took pictures until I was concerned that the rain might damage my iPhone. (Dad would be pleased that the chance of rain wasn't missed!) These images may be the start of a new series when I return. In the meantime, I am going to stick with some of the stunning scenes that I have encountered repeatedly, scenes that speak to me no matter where I find myself.

I am including two photographs from our trip to the coast on Monday and Tuesday. The first photograph is of Megalithic Alignments and the second is of the Cote de Granite Rose or Pink Granite Cliffs. The Megalithic Alignments were constructed incrementally, with succeeding generations adding to the alignments over the centuries. It is difficult to date them but is speculated that they were placed around 3300 BC. The Pink Granite Cliffs need no explanation. I promise to include more food photos soon! Au Revoir!

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