Friday, August 3, 2012

Another Amazing Day!

How do you top the Blue Lagoon? Well, one way to do so is to visit areas along the Golden Circle. The Golden Circle is aptly named. The circular route allows for other-worldly and gorgeous sights. The first stop on our itinerary was to Gullfoss. Gullfoss is an extraordinary waterfall that is compared in majesty to Niagara. An advantage to Gullfoss over Niagara is that there are no hideous shops and fewer crowds to mar the view. There is beauty surrounding the falls and we enjoyed getting soaked with spray from the powerful force of the cascading water. We have rented a car, so we are also not beholden to others for our schedule. No moss grows on my husband and we don't sit still when we are on vacation. I often joke that I usually need a vacation after my vacation because we are so busy. That said, we see so much when we travel that I can't complain.

Our next stop was to Geysir which was somewhat similar to a smaller Yellowstone National Park. As we walked into the area, one of the geysirs began to spout and I was able to whip my camera into gear to successfully capture the moment. I felt so lucky that I jumped up and danced around, since others had been standing for some time with their cameras trained to the site just waiting for the special moment.

Later, we went to Kerid Crater. The signs in Iceland leave a bit to be desired and we almost sped right past it. Good thing that we found it because the view was like something that you would imagine in a science fiction film. The crater was formed by an ancient valcano. The lake within the crater was a rich veridian green.

Water was the order of the day because we then arrived at Seljalandsfoss, another waterfall. This one was festooned with multiple rainbows, and we were even able to walk behind the wall of water which cascades 203 feet from the top of the mountain. The rushing water and the rainbows took my breath away.

Finally, after a meal of Icelandic fish stew for dinner, we walked along the black sand beach. This was not the kind of stroll that one imagines in warm climates. The wind was whipping and I was wearing three fairly heavy layers of clothing.

I have included a photograph of the geyser and another photo of our view behind the gorgeous waterfall.

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