Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Driving in the Sky

During the last three days, I was able to experience flying while in the car. While driving from south Iceland to east Iceland, we took a shortcut on a gravel road that had us traversing in the clouds. We kept commenting (while I had white knuckles on the car seat and my husband had white knuckles on the steering wheel), that the view would likely be magnificent if we could only see it. The fog was so thick that we could barely see a yard in front of us. Remarkably, when we reached the top of the mountain, the clouds dispersed and gave way to beautiful azure skies. The view was stunning. The tops of the mountains were on either side of the road, and cottonball clouds dotted the sky, kissing the mountaintops in some areas and adding to the feeling of flying, since there were times when we drove through the clouds as well.

Yesterday, we drove from east Iceland to north Iceland. During that journey, we also felt as if we were in the clouds. Iceland is an interesting mix of Ireland, Norway, Montana, Switzerland -- and the moon. Yesterday, we experienced all those areas visually. Part of our trek was through a barren area called a cold desert, where a moonscape came to mind. Other areas reminded me of uninhabited mountains in Montana, while the town where we stayed reminded me of Switzerland. Since this town, Akureyri was on a fjord, Norway leapt to mind as well. We were only around 100 miles from the Artic Circle, but the weather was mild and lovely.

Today, was another day of driving in the clouds to get to Stykkisholmur, which is a charming village also in a fjord. The weather is more what I had expected for our entire trip here... cold and cloudy. No complaints from this end, however. Our hotel is a historic building that is exceptionally comfortable. It will be nice to snuggle into my comforter with a good book to relax after all that "flying."