Thursday, August 2, 2012

Iceland... Incredible!!

There are countries around the world that I am exceptionally interested in visiting. Iceland was not on my short list, but it was on my husband's, and that is important. Many years ago, he insisted that I see Ireland. I had very little interest, went anyway, and LOVED every minute of the experience. I thought that history would repeat itself, and so far, that has proven to be true.

Iceland is so beautiful and the people are as kind as I had heard that they would be. We spent two days in Reykjavik. Today, we rented a car to go to the Blue Lagoon (what fun), and are now in the countryside. I had hoped to have some inspiration for upcoming paintings, and today confirmed that I will not have trouble finding that. However, we have also had some delicious food. My husband teased me for taking pictures of the lobster soup that we enjoyed on Tuesday evening. (I have often commented that I would only embrace a kosher lifestyle when lobster is considered kosher... no worries there!) However, he was all in favor of photographing our skyr cake from yesterday evening. So, I have also posted a photograph of the skyr cake, which really was more photogenic even as the lobster soup was phenominal. I have also included a photograph of the landscape that I saw today. Ideas for paintings are going to be percolating like hot lava, with any luck at all!

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