Friday, February 1, 2013

Resistance Through Art #3

Treatise, © 2013 Lynn Goldstein,  almost completed!

The book covers are painted, the interiors distressed, the rack completed, and I just have the final touches to consider before I call the art DONE! I have had this piece on my mind for quite awhile now, so it feels as if I am just about to complete a really good book. I am looking forward to finding out the end of the story, but know that I will miss reading it when I am finished.

The early stages of paint on the book covers
I want to thank everyone who has helped with the process. I could not have done it without each person who offered help. My sister-in-law Kasia contacted a friend of hers in Poland who sent me four novels in Polish. Several students located books in Russian, German and Yiddish for me to utilize. One of my friends who is living in Italy brought books for me from there. As mentioned before, another student, Ken Ferris, offered his marksmanship to shoot the books. The firing range was great for opening up their establishment (Sharpshooters)  for us before normal business hours, so that we could shoot the books, and then didn't charge us for the privilege. My friend, and fellow artist, Crystal Rodrigue, gave me a stool to use for the final touch, which helped keep me from continued obsessing (long story that I will not share for fear of obsessing). And, finally, a gigantic thanks goes to James MacLeod for the terrific rack that he fabricated for me. James is a woodworker extraordinaire!

I have included a couple of  photographs to show the piece almost completed.... I will have one more posting to show the piece installed and to explain the symbolism involved.. Thanks for reading.

The work shown at an angle in order to see the terrific rack made by James MacLeod
Treatise © 2013 Lynn Goldstein

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