Thursday, May 23, 2013

Like Glass

Like Glass © 2013 Lynn Goldstein , Pastel, Watercolor and Acrylic

This is a new painting that I just completed. It depicts a spot on Heron Pond close to my home. Heron Pond is one of my favorite places to paint on location. A few years ago, on a pristine day, I was on my way to teach. Struck by the beauty of the day, I got out the door early enough to walk around Heron Pond and snapped the inspiration for this painting. I was fascinated with the way that the trees were reflecting into the still water. This painting was made in my studio, but I plan to get out and paint soon!


  1. Hi Lynn,
    I love this one. I thought of you recently. I was in France and stopped in a rather large art supply store in Albi. I ended up buying 6 large sticks of soft Sennelier pastels in the colors of SW France. Can't wait to try them out. Got lots of photos for inspiration. Hope to see you soon.

    1. Good to hear from you, Paula. Thanks for the compliment on the painting. I am happy with it too. That doesn't happen all the time, so it is great when it does. Look forward to hearing about your trip when we connect again. I will be teaching a 1-day workshop at Libertytown in September... maybe then?

    2. Lynn, I will definitely sign up for your class in September. I had such fun the last time. I probably won't make it up to Orkney this year (broke my foot the next to last day in France) but I look forward to seeing you in Sept.

    3. So sorry to hear about your foot. Good heavens! At least it was at the end of your trip. Did you otherwise have a good time? Look forward to seeing you in September. The class is Saturday, September 21 from 10:30 until 4:30. Will try not to pack quite as much in this time around, but will be fun anyhow!!