Friday, September 20, 2013

De Retour en France

Me in 2011 in Dinan. I just can't wait to return!

This morning I went for a walk in the woods to the lake near my home. Suddenly it hit me, and I realized that next week I will be walking along the River Rance in my beloved Dinan, France. Before leaving France in 2011, I knew that I would return as quickly as I could. The experience there was extraordinary. I can hardly wait. My mind is crackling with excitement. In the meantime, I have the not-so-fun task of preparing my art supplies, etc. for the trip. Packing is definitely not the sexy part of travel.

Since I will be teaching this time around, I have other items to take along that I didn't have last time.  I will be teaching in pastel, so the acrylics that I have been enjoying lately will be resting in my studio. I will miss them... maybe next time! There WILL be a next time, I am sure of it. Stay tuned.

For those of you who may be traveling via air with your pastel supplies, here is an easy checklist for you before you go:

-  Pastels in a case that protects them (I carried my pastels in my carry-on the last time I went). This    time I am packing them in my checked bag. I will have them in a Heilman backpack size box with a label in French and English that they are artists' colors. I will insert the box in a plastic bag to protect my clothing, etc.)
-  10-20 Mounted Uart sheets with glassine covering taped to the sheets for transport home (I have   inserted these into a cardboard portfolio to protect them.)
-  A small set of watercolors
-  A small amount of watercolor brushes
-  A small empty spray water bottle
-  A small sketch book
-  A set of pencils, erasers and a pencil sharpener
-  A few felt tip pens
-  X-acto knife and a few blades (DEFINITELY in checked bag)
-  Small metal ruler
-  Bug spray and sun screen

I am not bringing an easel because there are easels available at the West Mill where I will be staying with my students. If I were to bring an easel, I have a Sun Eden easel that is very compact and lightweight.

I am also bringing a color wheel, a view-finder and handouts for my students. I will, of course, also have my camera along for the ride with me in the plane's cabin.

The supplies I will be packing in my checked bag.

My Heilman backpack size box almost fully loaded. 

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