Thursday, September 12, 2013

Past and Present

OSU's Best Damn Band in the Land performing Script Ohio

Artie (Dad's namesake) and me in a sea of scarlet at OSU game
Taking a detour in sharing my artwork to tell a little about my recent trip to Ohio. I will get back to art soon.

I had three things that I wanted to see and do while in Columbus. One was easy enough. I just wanted to spend time with Artie. The second item on the list was to experience a Ohio State football game in person. The third item was to see the fraternity house where my father lived so long ago.

My father attended OSU prior to enlisting in the military to serve during World War II. Dad intimated that some of his most enjoyable experiences took place during his short time in Columbus. His eyes would dance when he spoke fondly of his time there, and he always followed Buckeye football. He watched the games on television whenever possible. Those who know me know that I have very little interest in football, so it may be surprising that I wanted to go to a game at all. However, I have fond memories of Dad calling me in to see the television when the OSU marching band performed the script Ohio. "Lynn—hurry—get in here— they are about to dot the i!" I always feigned disinterest, but really loved seeing the band spell out the word Ohio on the field, and anticipated when the honored sousaphone player finally dotting that i. Well, I finally got to see it, and with a tear in my eye, I looked skyward and softly said, "They dotted the i Dad. I saw it. I so wish I could see you too."

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