Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Monochromatic, Not Monotonous

Well, I had my students work on a monochromatic painting awhile back. They grumbled heavily!! A monochromatic color scheme is derived from a single base hue (color) with the use of that hue's shades, tones, and tints. If a student wanted to use one other hue, I allowed it if they felt the painting would only work well with the other hue included.

I don't tend to assign my students something that I won't do myself. Oh, okay, I do have them do things that I don't do... sometimes. In this case, however, I was determined make a monochromatic painting to show them. I tend to paint with quite a lot of color, so this painting was a challenge for me. That said, if an artist wants to create a mood, monochromatic work is a great way to go. The painting that I have included has a much more somber mood than what I would usually complete.

The inspiration for this painting was a stormy sky over the Baltic Sea last August. August is a month of warmth. Not so much in the Baltic Sea. The chilly wind was whipping. The storm clouds were ominous. That was the mood that I wanted to evoke. A monochromatic color scheme, with a tiny amount of the complimentary color, seemed the perfect way to go. Because I am inherently a positive person, there is a glimmer of light that conveys hope.

Here are some progression photographs of the painting. I began with a monochromatic watercolor under painting, and then added pastel to complete the piece.

The monochromatic watercolor under painting. You can see the pastels on the tray as I begin adding pastels to the painting.

Notice the orange pastel on the far right of my tray and the addition of orange to the painting.

A bit more pastel added for the clouds

The orange has been toned down, the water rendered, and the painting complete
Stormy Skies, "11.5 x 19 inches, Pastel © Lynn Goldstein

Monday, April 13, 2015

A Little Tease

Haven't posted anything here for entirely too long because of my busy preparations painting away for my upcoming show at Crossroads Gallery in Falls Church, VA. So, to remedy my lackadaisical performance in the blogosphere, I provide a teaser for the show. Here are some photographs documenting the progress of one of the pieces that will be on view. To see the finished painting, come visit the exhibition. You will be surprised at how the piece is finished. Better yet, come to the reception and artist's talk. For information about the event, visit my website.
1st Stage of the painting "Secrets Shared" This painting was started as a mixed media using pastel and watercolor on a textured surface.

A little more paint added

Making compositional changes and additions

Close to completion with a new painting started as well