Monday, June 15, 2015

Commit to People NOT Photographs

As a studio painter, I use tools to make my paintings. One tool that I use is photography. Yes, I do occasionally work outdoors. However, working outdoors does not allow me the time that it takes to be experimental in my art, an approach that I hold dear. When I use photographs, I make alterations. I make commitments to people NOT photos.

Something interesting happened during the course of this painting, that illustrates my firmly held belief regarding the use of photographs. So, I am sharing it here.

The start of the painting, blocking in forms. Notice the silhouetted tree shapes in the lower area.

More work done

Painting starting to take shape. I love trees, but these tree forms are annoying to me.

Although the trees are in the foreground of the photographic resource, I recognize that the painting "wants" to be a seascape.

Still more to do— trees gone—seascape it is! When completed, I will have the finished image on my website at

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