Thursday, June 4, 2015

Small World—A Digression from "All About Art"

Recently returned from a trip to Italy which was amazing. I get immense pleasure exploring locations that are unfamiliar. Funny thing is that so often familiarity will find you. Want proof? Take a look at this:
Look closely. We felt close to home when we spotted this. 

We saw signs like this all over Rome

Except for the menu, the inside of the McDonalds didn't look like home. One menu addition: several Caesar salads, amusing since it's reported that Caesar salad was first made in the United States!

For some more familiarity, I will share a funny story. Traffic is particularly hideous in and around Rome. The rules of the road are clearly only suggestions. We had a driver taking us from our hotel to the airport in advance of our flight home. My hat is off to anyone who makes a living driving on the treacherous highways and clogged thoroughfares in that city. I shut my eyes more than once while the driver navigated around utterly nutty drivers. When we arrived at the airport, cars were coming from every direction, and no one was giving our driver space to navigate to the entrance of the terminal. This driver had remained restrained for the entire drive, but now, with hands gesticulating, he spewed what must have been swear words in Italian. What made me really chuckle was after the barrage of Italian, he punctuated his ire with, "SUNDAY DRIVER!" I laughed, and thought, I'm not even close to being done with Italy.

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