Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Why I LOVE Visiting Art Museums

After a recent visit to Minneapolis, and the exemplary Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA), I reflected on why I love visiting art museums. First of all, if you ever get a chance to visit this terrific museum, do so. You will not be disappointed. Asian art, period rooms, and an excellent collection of sculpture, paintings, textiles, and photography are all there to enjoy.

Recently, I spoke with a fellow artist who told me that she hated museums and the hushed environment in them. I was surprised, in fact, too surprised to speak. Besides being in nature or making art, there isn't much of anything that gets my heart racing more than going to a museum.

After consideration, I realize that what I enjoy so much about going to museums is that I delight in learning and seeing new things. Museums give us an opportunity to explore other cultures, and to investigate what was important to a society years ago, and what is important now. Selfishly, I also am always thrilled to be inspired by the work of other artists. Here is some work that wowed me at the MIA.

Photos of Tatra T87 sedan, designed 1936, manufactured 1948,
designed by Hans Ledwinka, manufactured in Czechoslovakia

Do-ho Suh, Some/One, 2005, Stainless steel, military dog tags, fiberglass resin

Detail of Some/One

A bicycle inspired by the artwork of Frank Stella. 

A bicycle inspired by the artwork of Eduard Monet.
Love the use of the wooden crate.
I wasn't able to determine who designed these bikes.

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