Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Part 1— 4 Steps to A Commissioned Painting

Have you ever wanted a piece of art that is made just for you? If so, this series of posts will help you to understand the process.

Step 1:
Choose to work with an artist who works in a style that you love. Do not ask an artist to work in the style of someone else. In doing so, you run the risk of being very unhappy with the finished piece. If you have a specific location where you want your painting to hang, if possible,  give the artist an opportunity to see that space. If not, good photographs of the room are a must. 
When someone has a specific location in mind for my work, I like to see the room  to get a better idea of what I will be able to do. This is the time that I get a feel for what the collector finds appealing. It is good to see the restrictions and to understand as closely as possible what is most desired. In order to ensure that my work enhances people's lives, I am clear about the process, and understand what is most important to the buyer.

Step 2: 
After you have expressed your requirements, plan to see a sketch or several sketches so that you can choose what you like best, and approve the composition prior to the painting being started. 
With a better idea of what the parameters of the project are,  I provide you with at least one black and white sketch depicting the landscape. Here are some examples of sketches that have been provided for commissioned landscapes.

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