Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Need to Ship a Pastel? Now What?

Pastel paintings are beautiful and luminous, and require a little extra tender loving care when being shipped. I have shipped work all over the country without any trouble. Here's how I shipped a framed painting to NYC for inclusion in the Pastel Society of America exhibition:

Here is the painting to be packed.
You will notice the label that will be affixed to the back of the painting.
More importantly, you will see the low-tack tape that will be put down to protect the glass. 
It is important to be sure to have the proper shipping box. I can't praise AirFloat StrongBoxes enough. You may visit their website here.  The boxes are made of cardboard that is remarkably sturdy. I have been using these boxes for years, preferring the boxes with puncture proof linings. You may reuse them a few times using commonsense. Don't continue using them when you recognize that the box's strength has been compromised by being bounced around in shipping.

AirFloat StrongBox all ready for packing

When a painting is framed with glass, it is important to tape the glass to ensure
that if there is breakage, the art will not be damaged, and that the person on the other end doesn't get cut.

This photograph illustrates the interior of the StrongBox.
You can see the foam that protects the work.
Also, notice that I have added more tape in a checkerboard fashion to further protect the glass.

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  1. Hey it looks really cool, I want to make it as well and have it at home. Can you please tell us how you made it in detail? Looking forward to hear from you, thanks