Monday, December 31, 2012

Resistance Through Art

I was honored to be invited to participate in an exhibition to commemorate the Holocaust that is being presented by The Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington and The Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia. This exhibition allows participating artists to include two pieces of work. It seemed to make sense to me to incorporate work that is indicative of what I ordinarily do. With that in mind, I am submitting "Veiled in Uncertainty" as one of the two works to be shown. Why this painting ? ... read on....

Veiled in Uncertainty © 2012 Lynn Goldstein —one of two pieces to be exhibited in the Resistance Through Art show
 Many years ago I had a conversation with a colleague who grew up in Finland during World War II. While having a discussion with her pertaining to the Holocaust, she mentioned that her father had hidden Jewish people in the forest near her home to protect them from the Nazis. When I expressed admiration for his bravery, she responded, “What else could he do?” I never forgot this exchange. This painting reflects the image that was seared into my consciousness because of that talk so long ago.

I will be posting information about the other piece that I am including in the exhibition in  upcoming posts. Thanks for reading. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The American West — Breathtaking

When I was in my early 20s, I saw a sight that I have never forgotten. While in Florida, walking along the beach at night, I came upon some interesting tracks in the sand. I hadn't seen anything like these tracks before, so I followed them. Finally, I saw the source. There was a Giant Sea Turtle laying her eggs. It was a magical experience, but I had no idea how magical then. When we are young, we tend to take things like this for granted. I reasoned that I would see a turtle laying eggs again in my lifetime—hasn't happened. I take very little for granted now. So, my excitement at seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time was pretty enormous. The first time is always special. My inaugural view of the Canyon was from the air in a small plane. As we soared above this wonder of the world, I kept thinking, WOW that would make a great abstract painting. I am inspired! I am including a photo of the experience.

Sedona is also magnificent. Everywhere we looked was more stunning and astounding. Sadly, the cold was breathtaking too. The wind was whipping as I took photographs, but the sun broke through the clouds to provide us with some gorgeous views.